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Greetings from Plan-it You!

Welcome! X marks your spot on this Treasure Map.  Start here with our handy Timespace Traveler Guidebook. There are 9 realms to explore and lots of adventure to be found on these pages. Sign up to receive our Postcards from the Future and become the change that changes everything.

Plan-it You: Is it a Place?

Passport and Polaroid

It’s a Planner. And a Game. And a Hero’s Journey into 9 Life Realms. Here you meet the Guides that help you create the future of your health, wealth, relationships and more.

Our Life-Game Planner contains a Pirate Ship and Desert Oasis, Treasure Bazaar, Dragon Temple and more. These are the places to create the future and recreate the past using strategic planning and playful collaboration.

We have a Treehouse, our in-real-life gathering place for Wizards, Seers, Shapeshifters, Lovers, Warriors, Muses, Genies and more.

We are in the business  of making Timespace Traveler Guidebooks and Maps that activate your life and world-changing powers.Time Space Travel Chicken

Our chicken is a Timespace Traveling Chicken.

We have our own superhero: YOU! You have a Plan-it named after you.

How to Plan- it with Us

Time Traveler GuidebookUse our Timespace Traveler Maps & Guidebook!

Download our Daykeeper, Plan-it Week and Moonth Maps to time travel into the future.

Download the 9 Realm Guidebook to space travel into your health, relationships, creative work, financial prosperity and more.  (coming soon)

Become a Plan-itary Citizen! Read the Newspaper to join in treasure hunts, community games and scavenger hunts. You can join community games and play with your family, friends and neighbors to change the world. (coming soon)

Come to a Treehouse Playshop. Visit the Oasis of Imagination, the Temple of the Senses, and the Theatre of the Heart in real life!

The Big Picture: Extraordinary Timespace Travel World. With a Timespace Traveling Chicken. And YOU!

Postcards from the Future?

Want  to visit a Wizard Watchtower, discover a Treasure Cave, sail a Pirate Ship and swim in a Mermaid Lagoon? If you do you may want to sign up for our Postcards from the Future. Each day of the week receive a message from a different Life Realm to create the future of your health, wealth, relationships, career and more.

Inspiration Watchtower PostcardSUN DAY (activate The Wizard)

On Sunday we Create the Future with the Timespace Traveling Chicken and consult the future seeing Wizard in the Inspiration Watchtower.

MOON DAY (activate The Seer & Shapeshifter) Oasis of Imagination Postcard

On Mondays we Treasure Map our day, week, moonth or season with the Seer in the Oasis of Imagination. And we Navigate our Life Story with Wishing Words and Costum-ification with the Shapeshifter in the Theatre of the Heart.

MARS DAY (activate The Warrior)

Tuesdays might bring some Dragon Taming and Enerchi Charging with the Warrior in the Temple of the Senses.

MERCURY DAY (activate The Muse) Sea of Creativity Postcard

Wednesday is the day for Pirate Shipping on the Sea of Creativity with the Muse.

JUPITER DAY (activate the Genie)

Thursday we go Treasure Caving with the Genie in the Prosperity Bazaar.

Garden of Love PostcardVENUS DAY (activate the Lover)

Friday we send Cupidgrams, craft Love Potions and practice a little Mirror Mirror with the Lover in the Garden of Love.

SATURN DAY (activate the Timekeeper) Celebration Forest Postcard

Saturday means its time for a Campfire Chicken with the Timekeeper in the Celebration Forest. And we get out our magic feather duster for a little Feng Shui Housekeeping with the Sovereign in the Palace of Place.

4 Responses to Home Plan-it

  1. Meri Walker says:

    I just LOVE the way you’ve filled out your blog, Cynthia!!! It’s fun, it’s exciting and entertaining!!

    • Cyn says:

      thanks, it is a work in progress. Interestingly enough I am working on a blog post right now that features you as one of the wise peeps, a magi. I’ll send you a link when I post it.

    • Paul says:

      Meri, I agree…. Cyn, This is really cool, just need to allocate some time to understand it all better… #interestawoken :)

      • Cyn says:

        I am truly honored… you are one of my favorite thinkers over at Amplify. (Interestingly, the real and virtual world are colliding right now… I’m in class with Meri!)

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